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New Clientele Soak Form

Do you have any of the following?

I understand that the soak blends and massage work I receive from my appointment does not take the place of any medical care. It is intended to enhance the relaxation experience. If there is any pain or discomfort during my visit, I will address my concerns with the therapist so it can be adjusted appropriately to my comfort.  


I will consult with my physician if I have any medical concerns prior to my experience.


I confirm that I stated all of my known medical conditions as well as completed all information appropriately.  I agree that I will keep the staff at The Blend updated with any medical changes and or pertinent contact information.  I understand there should be no liability if I fail to update the changes appropriately.  


If there are any young children between the ages 11-17, there must be an accompanied guardian or parent. If you are a guardian or parent accompanying a child and you agree to the consent of services of this child, please sign. 

Thank you fo submitting our new clientele form. We look forward to your soak experience!

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